Dr. Zeising & Partner

Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Our area of work includes:

Consulting, planning, supply, assembly, commisioning and maintenance of partial and fully automatic industrial waste water and sludge treatment plants for all throughput rates.
Our many years of operational experience in the waste water sector is an absolute requirement for an optimum, low-cost solution.

Our plants and processes

  • are economic, reliable in operation and low in maintenance
  • meet all required regulations
  • are state of the art technology

- raking
- filtration, e.g.
   continuous filtration
- KONTISTAR system
- KONTFLOW system
- sedimentation
     countercurrent settler
     crossflow settler
- flotation
- Processes for  
  dessiccating  and drying
  of solid-liquid-mixtures
  in chamber filter presses
- VAKUPRESS - dryer
- precipitation or flocculation
- oxidation/reduction
- neutralisation
- adsorption
- stripping (blowing)
- ion exchange
- extraction
- evaporation processes e.g.
  for chromic acid recovery
- ultrafiltration
- sludge conditioning
- sludge dewatering
- Contaminated soil
      VAKUDEST - process
     TERRAWASH - process
- activating units
- OTTO-MUT aerator
- ejector aerator
- Processes for biological
  treatment of organic
  components in wastewater
- fixed bed processes
undissolved and flocced substances dissolved and colloidal substances organic substances